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Auto Repair Services
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We offer these services at premium quality and exellence workmanship.
  1. Diagnosis
    With todays vehicle everything is computerised. We are equipped with up to date vehicle diagnostic computers & tools. We charge diagnosing hourly.
  2. Vehicle servicing
    Vehicle servicing
    We can offer variety of vehicle servicing to suit your need. From new car warranty, Log book servicing, or basic maintenance.
  3. Pre purchase vehicle inspection
    Pre purchase vehicle inspection
    We offer pre purchase vehicle inspection. We will check from body, transmission, engine, and vehicle ECU. Cost $150
  4. Road side assist
    Road side assist
    We can provide extra coverage for all of our vehicle servicing with 6 months roadside assist (not avaialable for commercial vehicles). This road side assist includes flat tyres changing, Fuel (at customer cost), and tow to our workshop (free 25km from our repair shop). This facility is available at business hours. Please let us know if you are interested in this program.
  5. Repairs
    We offer all mechanical and electrical repairs, from common repairs such as brakes, clutches, radiators, timing belts, water pumps, window regualtors, door locks to heavier repairs such as engine rebuild, head gaskets, transmission repairs, etc.
  6. Batteries
    We have batteries available ready stock for most popular models. All batteries comes with 2 year warranty. We use Bond batteries Australia.
  7. Disc brake machining
    Disc brake machining
    We offer disc brake machining facility in house. Machining disc brake is recommended to fix that pulsating brake in your vehicle. Cost $22 each disc.
  8. Fuel injection and ultrasonic clean
    Fuel injection and ultrasonic clean
    We offer fuel injection clean & ultrasonic clean in house. This will clean away all the carbon in your injectors to give you more fuel economy.
  9. Wheel balancing
    Wheel balancing
    We have wheel balancing facility available. Balancing cost $11 each tyre.
  1. TYRES
    We have popular size tyres ready stock at extremely competitive price. Tyres starts from just $60 for 13 inch. Including fitting, balancing and tyre disposal.
    We offer carbon clean to clean the carbon deposit in your vehicle. This will clean most slugde and carbon that cause engine running rough, or even detonation.
  3. Parts
    We have alot of ready stock parts available in house, from filters, wipers, brakes, gaskets, electric parts, and mechanical parts. We only use quality parts.
  4. Accessories
    We can install reverse sensor, reverse camera at competitive price. Reverse sensor starts at $165 including labour and parts.